Thursday, 16 February 2017


A mindful being is one which continually practices being exactly what they believe they are.

If that sounds odd or simply does not feel right then read my three 'mindful' books or do something else with your time.

Now that was quite harsh. It may be good advice but it wasn't given with concern for the reader. It was the best that I could do when I wrote it, so I need not choose to feel guilty about it. I have a moment, so I will have another go.

If the opening statement is uncomfortable or new to you, then perhaps reading my three 'mindful' books will be a beneficial experience for you.

For those reading on, thank you. I do appreciate you spending your most valuable resource, time, reading this blog.

This blog is merely support material for the three 'mindful' books. I will simply assume that you have made a choice to read, talk about or completely ignore the books this blog supports.

The books were intentionally short. I expended a vast amount time making them short and easy to read. The concepts are simple but your time is best spent practicing being the real you rather than reading three several hundred page books.

Some people do want more, so here it is. Some people don't like paying for books or information, you are most welcome here.

I will write here whatever I feel like writing, whenever I feek like writing about the concepts introduced by my three books and perhaps tie those concepts in with my two other blogs. If you want to read more, or you want more without extending payment, then go to or

Once again, thanks for your time. I do appreciate it.

At this point, I would like to point out that I have not written anything yet or ever published a book. I  am giving myself a year, to see what I can achieve. In that one year, I am fully confident that I will do my best with whatever resources I have available. There is no success or failure. I am merely interested in experiencing a year as a writer. Writing and publishing three books is a huge undertaking, of dream like qualities. It doesn't seem possible. It feels extraordinary. It feels like a journey I want, need and desire to take.

This really is a key point. In a years time, having three published books or not is not significant. The task here, is to both appreciate and enjoy spending one year as a writer.