Sunday, 30 April 2017

UK general election

Elections give us an illusion of choice and of control. Unfortunately, each of our votes is taken as us surrendering our own innate power to a tiny group of 'politicians'.

Whilst society grows, the dead weight of big government is felt but not realised. As governments grow ever larger then the burden becomes far more noticeable. The government reacts to this and points out various groups until the population choose the scapegoat. Sometimes, we blame jews, black people, gay people, disabled people, immigrants, communists, Russians or witches. The government are as keen to believe this as we are.

Voting is not choice and it is not power. Voting is merely an outlet for our anger when economies falter or for the masses to waste vast energies arguing amongst themselves. Voting and politics is merely a distraction. What are we being distracted from?

1) the population have the power, not politicians
2) the people have the wealth, not the banks

Politics is the art of illusion in appearing to control the people within its borders.

Banking is the illusion of appearing to have control of the nations wealth.

A mindful being understands this. Which is why our schools do not produce mindful beings. This is not a conspiracy theory. Teachers, doctors, politicians, accountants and bankers do not understand the 'unintended' consequences of their own beliefs. Each group believes fully in their own value to society, without ever realising the assumptions this society is based upon.

Money, is said to be the root of all evil.
In our society we generally all think that bank credit is money. Banks can create as much bank credit as we the people are prepared to borrow. The cost of creating this bank credit is effectively zero. However, paying the loan back requires effort. This asymmetry is hidden in plain sight. We can vote for whoever we like but the bank credit scam is never questioned. Thus our votes are useless as they change nothing. Each time we vote we are giving away our power to a control system that very few people are consciously aware of.

Voting is about as relevant as asking a four year old what their favourite colour is.

This is not a natural or healthy state of affairs.

It will not end well.

Current distractions are brexit, a general election and North Korea. Just before these distractions we had a US election, brexit and Russia. Before that, China, a global financial upset and gay marriages. Other key distractions were Bin Laden, Gadaffi, Hussein, WWII and the great depression. The distractions are coming in thick and fast.

So, what is it we are being distracted from?
We are being distracted from becoming Mindful Beings.

A mindful being fully realises the value of bank credit.
A mindful being truly realises the folly of large government
A mindful being understands what power and money is.
A mindful being is powerful
A mindful being self determines what they truly value.

A mindful being recognises truth.

The only choice a member of society is free to exercise is the choice to practise mindfulness of self, awareness of others and become sensitised to the demands of society.

Should a few percent of us choose to become mindful beings, society simply dissolves and we all live in a civilisation which is based upon creating ever more Mindful Beings. (Also known as Heaven on Earth, are you ready for that yet?)

You take care

PS When you are on the road to Hell and you see a fork in the road, please take it!

A wise woman has been in touch saying that we should choose forks over knives. Very wise and concise. My more 'wordy' version below.

A frightened human will always choose a knife because of imagined fears.
A happy and contented human would choose the fork, just out of interest.

Mindful Beings always have choices, which is why they are so powerful.

My first book, free here today (May 1st)

Monday, 17 April 2017

A brief guide to the books

To get the most from the books will take effort. You are being introduced to new ideas and concepts by someone who doesn't actually know you. I can do my part, as best I can. The rest is down to you.

You could read the book very quickly utilising your autopilot. You may well conclude that the book was short, simply written and adds nothing of value.

When reading novels and books, autopilot may be adequate. Articles involving new concepts and ideas need the human, within us, to read them.

To engage your human, you need to be actively decoding each sentence in an attempt to understand the concept or idea being presented. This takes effort but the reward is that you have understood the concept on your own terms. For example, I frequently use the word monkey. This may not be the correct word for you. Perhaps chimp or may be gorilla would be more appropriate. To understand a new idea or concept, you need to engage with it. Then simply discard or ammend it as you wish.

You might read a sentence or paragraph and then need a day or two pondering it. Or perhaps a brief nap.

These books should be considered to be generic and general. You must tailor it to best suit yourself. The books are not the ultimate in understanding ourselves and others. Just a general foundation.

You could do me an enormous favour and consider reading the books as good exercise for the human part of your brain, also known as the real you. Read slowly, take lots of naps and within your own imagination or even in reality, rewrite the book based upon how it should have been written for you.

Basically, I wrote the books to help me become a Mindful Being and you might need to do something similar.

The best review I could hope for is that, 'the book brought together three separate concepts, combining them as one. The author needs to develop this concept further.'

I will but I might not bother publishing.

You are the author of your own life, you might choose to develop and customise the concepts and ideas for yourself. You might even choose to publish.

Perhaps google 'mindfulness of self David Watkinson'

Available for free on 21st April and the 1st of May,