Tuesday, 21 February 2017

A confrontation with a cyclist

One of my facebook friends had a confrontation with a cyclist, his words not mine. He was still agitated many hours later. He was surprised by this as he thought he had better emotional control. He admits drinking alcohol but not that much.

Once you have read book one, you will be able to identify what has happened.

My facebook friend is declaring himself as a victim and the purpose of his post was to gain the support of his friends. Thus reinforcing his belief that he is a normal member of society and the cyclist was unduly angry.
Unfortunately, I replied by suggesting he read my book. If he does he will realise a great many things. He need not be a victim, he chose to be a victim. He chose to have a confrontation. He chose to be upset by it. Then he chose to try and rouse sympathy from his friends.

If you wonder why I state that he chose all these things then read book 1 of the trilogy. My friend will only feel that he chose to post the story on facebook. You may agree with him. After reading book one you will realise that you make a great many choices without being aware of them. Once you are aware, you can actually start leading the life you want to live rather than the one you are currently entangled in.

There is more. We are only distant facebook friends and he reacted to my comment, he called me a spammer. He was friendly enough but not exactly coherent as spammers send one message out to as many people as possible. They don't engage in one to one conversations. Anyway, he reacted this way as I had not given him any sympathy, which is what he wanted.

Book two covers other people extensively. Understanding book one will increase your understanding of yourself, dramatically. You can take this awareness as deep as you wish.

Book two gives you a far greater insight into other people. In this instance, I could have supplied my facebook friend with the reassurance he craved. Instead, I gave him unconditional love. Or tough love, I am not too subtle. It was my intention to point him in the direction of book one, such that he could understand why he chose to confront a cyclist. Book two, would help him understand how to deal with the cyclist.

To summarise, read book one to deepen your understanding of yourself.
Read book two, not available yet, to deepen your awareness of people you interact with.

 What should have happened, had my friend read book one, was that he would have had a brief conversation with the cyclist. This conversation would either have been productive and satisfactory or my friend would have simply ended an unproductive conversation. That is it. Not spend hours feeling angry, upset or irritated.

Had he read book two, my friend would have increased his chances, dramatically, of have a productive conversation with the cyclist.

I have even had productive conversations with the police. This is after they have repeatedly given me an order that I refused to carry out. This was a while back and I did write a blog post about it.

I hope this gives you an idea of the personal power you can develop. My friend has a confrontation with a cyclist which upsets him. I have a potential clash with six policeman that never happens. We have a productive conversation that ends with me doing exactly what I said I was going to do.

I expect to get far more powerful following the practices developed and discussed in book one, two and three. Far more powerful.

People will, from time to time, attempt to confront me. Very quickly, we have a productive conversation. Not every time, sometimes I merely goad them for my own amusement. I ought not too take pleasure in this. I can't always help myself. I simply accept that I am a flawed human being, not a robot. I will continue my journey, intending to spend an ever increasing proportion of my time as a Mindful Being. Writing the trilogy will help me enormously. (As would reading it if somebody else had already written it.)

Currently, only book one has been published. The other two only exist in my mind.

You all take care.