Monday, 17 April 2017

A brief guide to the books

To get the most from the books will take effort. You are being introduced to new ideas and concepts by someone who doesn't actually know you. I can do my part, as best I can. The rest is down to you.

You could read the book very quickly utilising your autopilot. You may well conclude that the book was short, simply written and adds nothing of value.

When reading novels and books, autopilot may be adequate. Articles involving new concepts and ideas need the human, within us, to read them.

To engage your human, you need to be actively decoding each sentence in an attempt to understand the concept or idea being presented. This takes effort but the reward is that you have understood the concept on your own terms. For example, I frequently use the word monkey. This may not be the correct word for you. Perhaps chimp or may be gorilla would be more appropriate. To understand a new idea or concept, you need to engage with it. Then simply discard or ammend it as you wish.

You might read a sentence or paragraph and then need a day or two pondering it. Or perhaps a brief nap.

These books should be considered to be generic and general. You must tailor it to best suit yourself. The books are not the ultimate in understanding ourselves and others. Just a general foundation.

You could do me an enormous favour and consider reading the books as good exercise for the human part of your brain, also known as the real you. Read slowly, take lots of naps and within your own imagination or even in reality, rewrite the book based upon how it should have been written for you.

Basically, I wrote the books to help me become a Mindful Being and you might need to do something similar.

The best review I could hope for is that, 'the book brought together three separate concepts, combining them as one. The author needs to develop this concept further.'

I will but I might not bother publishing.

You are the author of your own life, you might choose to develop and customise the concepts and ideas for yourself. You might even choose to publish.

Perhaps google 'mindfulness of self David Watkinson'

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