Sunday, 29 October 2017

Psychopaths vs Mindful Beings

First of all, psychopaths are incredibly useful. They will attempt things that very few 'normal' human beings ever would. Climb tall trees, discover continents, invent explosives, sit inside rockets and goad people into areas far outside of their personal comfort zones. Psychopaths are natures spoons for the soup of humanity.

However, having one (or more!) as a parent, sibling, co-worker, boss or partner can be challenging.

Generally, a psychopath will continually attempt to 'stir' up your emotions, hurt you and try and get your sympathy. They do this with ease. A 'normal' human being will find this emotional turmoil very draining. (A well disciplined psychopath will be far harder to spot.)

A Mindful Being has no such difficulties with psychopaths.

If you have read my books then you may well correctly conclude that a psychopath simply plays with your inner monkey. They do not realise they are doing it and wouldn't be bothered if they did know.

A Mindful Being practices engaging their humanity. Thus a psychopath cannot readily play with a well practiced Mindful Beings monkey.

However, a Mindful Being could choose to play with a psychopaths inner monkey. I wouldn't recommend doing this, too often, for ethical reasons and you will expose yourself to a potentially violent physical response.  (As Yoda said, 'do or do not. There is no try.)

A Mindful Being is a powerful being.

A Mindful Being has choices.

A Mindful Being is what everyone (except psychopaths) can choose to practice being.

It just takes a little effort. Time takes care of the rest.

If you still need a reason to practice being a Mindful Being, read the next sentence carefully and notice what I didn't write.

'Generally speaking, 'things' do not simply happen, to a Mindful Being.'