Friday, 17 March 2017

The three books

Book one
Mindfulness of self
This book aims to give you an understanding of how and why your thoughts and emotions can, often, work against your own best interests.

Should you decide to follow and develop the ideas presented in this book, you will feel more confident, more relaxed and better able to deal with any new challenges you might set yourself

Book Two
Mindfulness of others
We use our enhanced abilities to build far more fulfilling relationships with friends and colleagues. As confidence increases, stress and anxiety diminish. This makes your world a far friendlier place.

Book Three
This, if written, is a very ambitious book. It will be pointless reading it without having understood and practiced the exercises given in book one.

Should you become a well practiced mindful being, you can take your proper place in the world. The one which is, ultimately, the most rewarding for you.

The ultimate me, is an author.
I need to expend a great deal more effort on understanding myself, understanding others and understanding the world, such that I can best position myself in the world, as an author. Once that is achieved, writing the books will only be a minor achievement.

Whether or not the books are widely read is down to the readers and not the writer. I will not be measuring my success with book sales. I will measure my success by how comfortable I am with calling myself an author when asked, 'what do you do?'.

It is also highly likely that I am already in the best possible place for me. I just haven't realised it or making the most of it.

Just remember that life is a gamble, one which we have all already won.